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19.01.09 Krõõt Juurak on performance-making

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1. We have to aim for impossible/ unimaginable

2. Success is our only mothafuckin option/failure’s not *(i.e no hoping for the best)

3. the prerformance must already do what it claims (i.e politcs only effective if effective on the micro-level of your immediate surroundings/context)

4. movement is more than visual imagery

5. body is more than semiotics (i.e the study of signs, signification, communication)

6. audience is as smart/stupid as you are (i.e “we” against “I”)

7. creativity is not enough

8. professionalism is also not enough (i.e rely on nothing)

9. we are always working (i.e from the society of the spectacle - into the society of performers)

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