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History and Objectives

The deviation/formatting tool is based on the concept that an idea always has multiple possibilities of being materialized/represented. Through reformatting the expression of a thought in different medias what shows up is not only the expanded field of knowledge but also the specificity of each media. Obviously there is always a difference between expressing ideas on paper, through images, though live movement or various versions of recorded media but the frame work of reformatting assumes that certain types of information can only be produced not by thinking about the media but by actually practicing within the media itself.
The idea with the formatting tool is that through actually displacing the production of work to a different media one can reach a different understanding of ideas which then again can be re-adapted to the media that one is finally interested in using.


Transpose a performance you have done into another media. You can think of making a magazine performance or creating a video or an audio file out of it.
Register what happens to the content of the performance when trying to think about it within a different media. Start with making propositions concerning different media to lay out the field but once you have found a media that you would like to actualize you try to actually make the content come through this new media. It is important to actualize the ideas in order to get to the media specific knowledge; that which you can only know by doing.