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Générique is an open-source performance project, which develops depending on the interest and investment of a variety of performers. It is based on a game structure that nurtures make-belief and collective creativity: the whole community of performers and audience discuss as if the performers just had presented a performance, and as if the audience had seen it. This discussion allows them to invent the performance together. A set of tools is developed and used by the performers in order to enhance the fictionality of the situation and encourage the game to go forward. Everybody is invited to use, develop and share further tools and experiences that can help Générique to expand, as well as to perform it. Générique means in french, generic as well as the credits at the end of a movie. The performance is thus characterised by those who perform it.

Dispositive - post-show talk set-up - block game (cf. workshop kit) - at least 3 performers + audience

Some notes