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is a performance by Antonia Baehr

this score was established on September 19th 2008 by Sidney Léoni, Sebastian Lingserius, Johan Thelander, Amanda Apetrea, Halla Olafsdottir, Ingrid Cogne, Emma Kim Hagdahl & Alice Chauchat

Movement material: (at least 10 minutes long) Head, face + breathing sequence, upright posture, out of an opera singers movements before and during an aria; stylized so that it can be performed unison. 1st=before : taking the applause; (looking at various parts of the audience, smiling, bowing etc.) 2nd=during : following the arias progression, movements reflect the emotions expressed in the song.

1. A man and a woman enter the stage holding hands. - They walk to the middle of the stage where they stay to the end. - They are dressed up with similar clothes, hair and make-up. - On the stage there is a CD-player, connected to speakers. - They have a little bit of distance between each other , facing the audience.

2. The movement material is performed - in silence - unison; after a long time, several shifts of mirroring - Head gradually comes to stay facing the audience. (as the expressed emotions are carried out by gaze postural changes) - The mouth smiles, opens, closes, but not mimic singing

3. A performer pushes "play" on the CD-player

4. The mvt material starts again on the soundtrack it starts as in the silent part, except that they lip-sync the voice. = Dance unison mvts, that sometimes mirror. - As they start mirroring, they allow them selfs more and more autonomy - The man looks down and the woman continues, adding hand gestures. - The woman looks down and the man continues - The man looks - Both continues the mvts (unison, un-sync etc.) with hand gestures. - As the song ends, on the applause, they do again the mvts of the beginning (the man keeps the hand on his chest)

5. They walk out of the stage, still holding hands, backwards.

What it does?

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