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History and objectives

The objective of this game is to expand the understanding of your own work through listening to other people speaking about it from the position of having made it themselves (they are impersonating you). They defend, explain, care for and question what the work in focus is about.

When played as an aftertalk, the game also functions as an encounter between audience members; they can confront their own perception of the work with that of other spectators, rather than verifying their perception with the intentions of the author.

The author functions as a facilitator as well as enjoying constructive feedback.


You show a work to the people you would like to impersonate you (people you would like to expand notions of your work).
You can show it live or on video, but it should be a presentation of the work itself. After the showing you set up an after talk where you, the person who made the work is the interviewer, interviewing at least 3 persons who try to impersonate you.

Changes BADco / pristas

It's in the Air (V. Dinther & Ingvarsten)

Paquerette (Bengolea & Chaignaud

Pongoland (H. Heisig)

The making of doubt (sadler)