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History and objectives

This game derives from the metaphorical origins of the everybodys project.
That means to "translate" Open Source into the Performing Arts, as a tool to understand our own domain through another one. Metaphors facilitate to rethink our artistic process as well as the discourse we are used to when thinking about our work.


An online chat-interview where one or more people are interviewing one person or group about his/her artistic processes, using metaphors, The aim for both sides is to understand the working method / to "crack the code" of the interviewee's artistic process.

It can also be done offline, in which case it's recomended to narrow down the number of interviewers to 2-3. Staying with one metaphore and following up its logic allows the interviewee to "test" the project in the new logic in the "metaphor world".

Alice Chauchat, 8.22.06

Florent Delval, 08.21.06

Manuela Zechner, 8.7.07

Sandra Iché, 08.10.07