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History and Objectives

Derived from the Von Trier movie "The 5 Obstructions" the idea of obstructions can be used as a tool to change habitual patterns of producing. By analyzing an old work obstructions are produced with the intension of remaking the work.
Naturally this information can also be the starting point of a new work, however derived from a previous work. It is like making a series of rules that displaces the responsibility of decision making, as in any other system it is up to you how you deal with the rules of the game, follow, bend, redirect. Once you have decided upon the obstructions, the work is to follow through; artistic production in this way becomes problem solving or maybe rather problem production while the definition of the constraint becomes the foundation of the art work.

The experiment starts by considering constraints as an enabling mechanism.


You show a work to a group of people whom together discuss the work in order to create the obstructions that you will base your remake on. While they are discussing you are not allow to interrupt but listen to their argumentation of why and how the obstructions should be made.
You produce a new material based on the obstructions and show this to the group who then discusses weather or not you have fulfilled the obstructions.
This process can be repeated several times, (you can cut the performance or project that you are remaking into 3 to 5 sections) and each time the obstructions are reconsidered by the group. The idea is to not deal with politeness and niceness as ways of communicating about work but to really try to understand the foundation of a work in order to be able to remove it. This removal of foundation should be done with the intension of assisting the person to go beyond her habits and to get to work in new and different ways.