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everybodys 6 MONTHS 1 LOCATION

his book reads as a document of various activities and practices that took place within the project 6 MONTHS 1 LOCATION from July to December 2008 in the Choreographic Center in Montpellier, and from May to June 2009 in performingARTSforum, St. Erme. In 6M1L seventeen artists – Sasa Asentic, Younes Atbane, Eleanor Bauer, Kelly Bond, Bojana Cvejic, Jefta van Dinther, Juan Dominguez, Luís Miguel Felix, Thiago Granato, Mette Ingvartsen, Gérald Kurdian, Xavier Le Roy, Inez Carrasco Lopez, Neto Machado, Chrysa Parkinson, Nicholas Quinn and Eszter Salamon – explored what it means to work under ‘special conditions’ of research and education, different from the usual freelance independent production. The constraints were that the work take place in one location, in the duration of six months and involving every participant in the role of leading one project and collaborating in one or more other projects.

The contributions of all participants attempt to describe and share questions, concepts and fantasies developed in 6M1L : meeting, changing, singing, veering, note-taking, imagining, speculating, sensing, listening…

What happens when we stop hopping from one project to another on the freemarket and stay in one place to win time for what ? Infinite intensity !

This an EVERYBODYS publication. Everybodys is an artist-initiated open platform created in order to share and distribute ideas that could expand the understanding of performance.

everybodys performance scores

everybodys performance scores is a collection of performance scores that aims to give an overview on the current state within the performing arts. Addressing questions of notation, reproduction/interpretation, documentation, history and score independence, the collection seeks to reveal different models and approaches to work. The contributors were invited to submit works in the following categories: - performance scores ready to be performed - scores to document, reflect and share thoughts behind performance works - new scores yet to be actualized -scores for practices This book was made to stimulate the culture of writing within the performing arts.

because the file is too heavy for our website, you can download the book from

everybodys self interviews

a collection of 20 self-interviews in which various contemporary choreographers and performance makers question their own work, offering a wide panorama of the thoughts, questions and practices that are taking place within the performing arts today. everybodys is an artist-initiated open platform created in order to share ideas and strategies that could expand the understanding of performance. It consists of a collection of workshop games, performance scores, texts and performance videos.

book publication as free download on archive and for purchase as paperback on Lulu

everybodys toolbox (magazine, june 2008)


workshop kit magazine