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History and Objectives

The reconstruction game is created to exercise listening, memory and collaboration within a group.
By having the knowledge that you are going to reconstruct the conversation you try to be specific in
your articulation and to stay focused on the topic and you are trying to uncover.


You make a focused conversation following a conversation protocol. (clear topic, time frame and rules of talking)
after finishing you try to reconstruct the conversation from your memory and to redo it once again. In the reconstruction you can work on emphasizing different things.
-Direct reconstruction: each person tries to recreate what they said as closely as possible.
-Indirect reconstruction: guided by the topic, anyone in the group can make sure that you pass through the topics
that were brought up but you still try to be precise and stay close to the previous conversation.
-Additive reconstruction: let the past conversation be the initiation of a new talk where you let the topics expand,
but still using the previous conversation as a guide line.