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Everybody who play Générique are welcome to upload the resultant scores. Everybody are welcome to use the following scores for the creation of live performances and to upload the videos!

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The following scores have been created performing Générique at Ausland in the frame of DWIGO festival during december2008 Berlin.

"Motion in daily life" A multimedia performance by everybodys 30-11-2008

The performance is based on time compression: 1 month and a half are compressed in a performance of 1 hour and a half. Its structure is based on the “20 second rule”, which has been inspired by the practice of updating the personal status on facebook profile. This rule is used to set up the sequence of condensed daily life moments. Each artist chose the scenes for the show randomly. Within this random process, particular interest is dedicated to open a dialectic process between the Facebook Status (which is updatable every 5 minute max.) and the stage “narration”.

The stage is settled with a screen (used for video projection and live video stream) and a variable set of objects as: green and slimy liquid, a bikini etc. The light design is quiet complex because of fast changes from black and light and from one atmosphere onto another one.

The 4 artists perform in very personal ways, using different qualities and stage presence as: intimate, daily, theatrical, fictional etc. During the show they shift very fast from one emotional state to another one until mixing up two or three different emotions to create an ambiguous way of being on stage.

To prepare the performance the 4 artists communicate through Skype and Facebook. Beside the virtual communication platform the artists meets 1 or twice a months to work together. Finally a Book is produced out of this performance, the publication come with a big box, that function as a container for the following performances reports.

Elements mentioned in the live performance:

1 months and a half in 1 hour and a half 20 second rule Multimedia performance Birthday scene – Bikini and intimacy- Invisible mirror Tokyo scene in live streaming Film (pellicola) worked with water Green liquid related to Halloween atmosphere Facebook/Update the Status Weird narration Random set of scene Heterogeneous performance, variable, vulnerable and metamorphical Emotion states – part of the training Very fast change of light : very flat, very bright or total dark Communication with skype and facebook Book – Big Box – Updated version sent by post Photo shooting session Letter moment

4 Solo Performances by everybodys

N.1 Ohne Titel

This solo is about a solitary journey, its landscapes and its risk. The performer keeps walking for a long moment. She/he wears high heels. The floor on stage is built on different levels. During the walk the performer speaks and uses the voice in a particular way that could remind the sound of a landscapes. The phisicality consists in a particular quality of awarness, caused also by the risk of falling from the extremely high heels that wore by the performer. The performer screams suddenly as she/he wants to announce a danger. After the scream she/he falls on the floor. The scream before the falls makes the action completely fake.

N.2 Ohne Titel

This performance is based on the desire of using virtuosity without athleticism. The costume is a pyjama and a pair of socks. The performer stands for long time in apnea facing the audience. It follows a partiture executed with the right hand 32 times (probably refered to the Swan Lakes fouettés). Interruption of the performer frowing her/himself on the floor several times. She/he end up with a series of movement on the wall probably borrowed by Spiderman or other superheroes. This performance can be streamed by radio.

N.3 “Failing or success”

The performer makes a strange walk till the center of the stage. Longlasting movement with spines. The performer moves in an unappealing way as she/he is not confortable in her/his body. A microphone is left on stage and never used.

N.4 Ohne Titel

The topic is global warming There is a dance partiture from 1400 Grey costumes A mechanism is setted to gives the sensation of cold and warm to the feet of the spectators.

"The great zone" 6-12-2009 Performance for 4

The title comes from the surf language describing the area in the middle of a big wave that surfer uses to wait for. The piece begin with the bodies of the performers busy in keeping tension and lasting the balance as they are in the wave. A sound landscapes is created by the microphones posted under the performers throath that makes sound out of movement, mixed with their breath. On the background the light changes following the colors spectrum, costumes (that are made out of a reflecting fabrik) reflect this lights. A high tech textile shaped as a waves is part of the scenography. The structure of the performance is toke from a very old score, full of gaps. Every gap, correspond to a silence on stage. In the middle of the silence session there is a monologue. Shadows are projected on the wall behind the waves, the effect looks like a comic strip. The show hand up with beachboys music that cut the heavy atmosphere of the piece. The performers does not come for the curtain call.

“Mad is bad - Bad is good or Kiking out the Deus of the machina” 14-12-2008

A big figure similar to a tree is suspended on stage. The creation of the figure happen through the destruction of it made by the performers. A multitude of people comes on stage little by little and start to sing, organizing melodies by their own. Other numerous performers are eating choco/banana cakes around a table. The scene looks like a celebration of something. A lot of meanings are produced through the desplayments of elements and symbols, which clearly shows the mobility of the meanings themself. Like an “orgiastic” moment in which the movement of a kiss is reproduced by two performers that comes close to each others with their mouths producing the image of a kiss without a kiss - eating but not eating- kissing but not kissing? The gathering of the people on stage is inspired by the way in which parties starts. During the performance the body of the people sitted and eating becomes bigger and bigger. It end with the celebration of a great hangover.

“Doing as good as you can” 21-12-2008

The performers starts on stage moving their fingers and after the arms with extreme carefullness and precision. The movements are very slow and full of tension, there is a momentum after which comes a silence full of immobility: they are thinking on stage. They starts again to move in the silence as they are engaged i a hard labor. The dance is completely abstract eventhough the relation between the performers revails a strong habits in working together. Break: the performers starts a session of choreographed movement on rockmusic followed by a gogo dance. This “entartainment” part looks really heavy, when the “labor” part has a very light atmosphere. Finally is clear that nobody is leading the performance, but that the authority shift from one to another dancer. Therefore rise up the sensation of not knowing what will happen the moment after and even if the performers like what they are doing.