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Some notes

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we're gonna work on this

By personal experience, if the Fictional Performance is always perceived by each performer as a good show it can more easily be imagined as a real performance by the public and create more interesting discussions. (Whenever a new element arrives the performer should incorporate it in an image of performance that pleases him/her.)


it would be good the possibility of experiencing the genérique performance in a extreme way, for instance not letting the audience really speak or ask something, because the performers will always speaking or doing something; breaking out the initial formality of the set up...

it would be interesting trying to do genérique without informing the public what it is about, even if they get mad!!

Strategies to make the public interact...

Having a performer (or more) among the public is an important way to make the rest of people become aware of what's going on, and to realize easily that they can contribute to the image's construction. But at the same time, if they realize that he is part of the show it may have the opposite effect.

Having no performers in within the public is another variation.

+being concrete when describing the FP

strategies to distribute the word...

Different performative strategies for the the different performers

Risks: - being self-reflexive - the resource of the comic

Scenery/Set-up - add objects to materialize the image of the FP or the discussion