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10 statements on being active in the independent scene

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People active in the independent scene should:

1. try to intervene in wider social contexts, connecting with other groups and networks on the social scene

2. use imagination, not only for their art and works but also to think of new forms of production, process, cooperation and ways to fund...

3. not be bound by their field of work; there is a great danger in feeling secure in our own position of professionals

4. be agressive towards institutions; the moment we start loving the ghetto we fought for so long to create is the moment we become politically impotent

5. stop bitching; artists and cultural workers still don't live that bad; most people in our society live much worse than us

6. start bitching; this is not enough, not only for us but the society as a whole

7. learn how to cook

8. resist the power structures in every system and learn to stay independent

9. make the independent scene disappear; try to create a world in which power as something to be independent from is a thing of the past

10. be able to forget about it all for a moment and have a swim in the river