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History and objectives

The self interview is a writing exercise aimed at developing your work through verbal articulation. Questioning yourself as a strategy for idea development, documentation and/or reflection. The self interview is to be understood as a tool that can be used in different moments of a working process, as a preparation/proposal of a work, as documentation or as a reflection tool once a work has been completed. When published the self interview is also a tool to share ideas, work/s, methods, strategies ect.


Decide what you want to achieve by writing the self interview. (your starting point, what you want to question, a certain idea, a process, a performance you have already made or something completely different) Ask yourself questions in writing and answer them. Find a strategy of self questioning that fits you, whether it is subjective or objective, you can read other people self interviews on this page in order to understand this tool better.

The Group Self Interview is a tool for collective brainstorm, questioning, clarification and development of the group's ways of functioning as well as of its production. It's also a way of considering the group both as one entity and as a compound of various individuals.

Various strategies for doing it could be developed: - verbally or per e-mail,
- everyone asking questions as they come or going through rounds, one at a time
- everyone answering, or in a certain order, or whoever wants to, answers.

Alexandre Roccoli

Alice Chauchat

Chrysa Parkinson

David Helbich

Florent Delval

Frédéric Gies

Halla Ólafsdóttir

International Festival

Ion Dumitrescu

Isabelle Schad

Jefta van Dinther

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