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POWERED by EMOTION (Spångberg)

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Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach, played by Glenn Gould, improvised by Steve Paxton, filmed by Walter Verdin, and reconstructed by Mårten Spångberg.

this score was established on September 19th 2008 by Sidney Léoni, Sebastian Lingserius, Johan Thelander, Amanda Apetrea, Halla Olafsdottir, Ingrid Cogne, Emma Kim Hagdahl & Alice Chauchat

Comfortable costume: cocacola t-shirt, pants, shoes The score does not include lightdesign

1. One person starts standing on stage as the audience walks in and sits down. He is sort of waiting.

2. The performer dances Steve Paxtons dance on the corresponding music except from the first part which is the same dance as the last part but is being dances to a different music, Keith Jarretts “the Köln concert”. The dances are copied with precision from Walter Verdins video.

3. The dance and music is ending. After that he walkes to the side of the stage. Drinks and recovers for a minute . He comes back and places a microphone centerstage and stands there holding a notebook.

4. Buena Vista Social Club music, performed by x and y (2 guitars) starts playing. The performer sings 4 songs from BVSC to the recording of x and y playing it. The performer uses the notebook to remember the lyrics. When the performer is not singing, the performer takes a step back, low key dancing to the music (weight shifting). Between the songs the performer takes a step back and waits for the next one to start.

5. As the third Goldberg variation is playing, the performer stays standing and looks at the audience.

what it does