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was initiated by Xavier Le Roy

this score was established on September 22nd 2008 by Sidney Léoni, Sebastian Lingserius, Johan Thelander, Amanda Apetrea, Halla Olafsdottir & Alice Chauchat

14 performers (at least more than 8) 4 goals made of speakers are marked in the middle of each side of the stage costumes: grey shirts, various pants, shoes)

When the audience enters, some performers are already engaged in some sorts of games on stage. Some games are more recognizable as sports/ball games, like football, others as ways of moving. Performers go on and off the stage area (when off they sit on the front row)

Black out. Music starts. Lights come on A sequence of a multi-game (handball, football, 4 corners) learnt by heart is performed 3 times by 8 persons.

New game set-up: the 3 games are presented, each game played by 8 persons. -Stand in a line, wearing team signs (shirt-no shirt: football; hat-no hat: handball; pink shirt-yellow shirt: 4 corners) - Play the game, each game in a different spatial orientation (football: left-right; handball: front->back; 4 corners: in the 4 goals) - Scores are always announced in order to end the game and performers line up according to the points their teams made.

Play all 3 games at once (8 persons, 2 persons can't be on the same 3 teams)


Again with music (same music as before)

When the music stops, performers continue playing, facing the audience


Same game but slow (: each player chooses how to relate to slowness) Scores: no line-up Slowness lasts until the beginning of the next game

Same game (not slow anymore) Starts then lights go off Performers play the game, using their voices Lights come back on: all players are still and continue speaking


1st sequence (memorized), someone announces that X plays Y etc., players take their positions Start the sequence (the recorded sound of the sequence played is played in synch) a) when the ball doesn't repeat the sequence properly, someone shouts "stop" and all is reset b) throughout the repetitions, people start to remove their team identifications (skirts, hats, coloured shirts) c) less and less performers on stage (they go backstage) d) when only 1 performer remains, (s)he dances the whole sequence and exits e) we hear the sound once through as the stage is empty; lights go down f) wearing silly costumes, the performers perform the sequence again - the group performs in unison the actions of 1 player within the sequence - after a short moment of individual playing (all on stage), scores are called and all line up for the bow.

What it does?