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Everybodys was conceived during a meeting in December 2005 following the interest to implement Open Source as an artistic strategy in the performing arts. One of the basic motivations with the _open source methodology_ was to develop new ways of sharing knowledge and producing specific discourses within the performing arts in order to redefine the conditions of work in general and the parameters of exchange, to produce heterogeneous works, to escape the restricted accessibility to work, and to deviate traditional conceptions of authorship. In a second step, after some text-exchanges and meetings at the PAF Summer University in August 2006, we (an open group based on interest) faced more problems and questions than we had initially started with.

Acknowledging the gap between performance and software development, and therefore the impossibility of a direct transposition from open source strategies to performance practices, we decided to rename the project _everybodys_. By setting up an internet platform for texts and discussion on our interest then drew on an exchange of our works on a methodological level and on the creation of a database for production models. One line of discussion was to develop a Workshop Kit, encompassing tools and interview-games, which would facilitate discussion on our work. This Kit is meant to be developed by the «integral feedback» of usage, in order to enhance its possibilities. The Workshop Kit is presented on for anyone to use and develop further. Another line of work is the research on open-source performances. Générique is one attempt, and everybody is invited to join in.


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