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Within the performing arts, scores are not, in spite of many artist’s individual efforts, a common way of sharing, documenting and archiving performance works. Existing notation systems (such as Laban) are rarely adequate to contemporary practices in an art form that is constantly redefining its aims; every singular work demands a new way of writing it down, according to its main focus, strategies, etc. For the reader, scores offer an insight into the specific ways performance works can be made. This is why everybodys proposes a space for artists to share their scores and their ways of notating work, in order to develop the understanding of what a score can be within the performing arts.

The proposal of writing scores can be used to document already existing pieces or as a way of developing new works, and it can be done in any thinkable format.

Parallel to the scores collection, everybodys proposes a space where spectators can share their performance experiences through the act of describing what they have seen. The description of pieces differs from, for instance, the practice of art criticism, by not aiming at producing a judgment. The objective of the description is rather to try to make the work exist through the experience of the spectators’ descriptions. The plurality of descriptions of one work can also expand the possible understandings of that work, as no description is neutral.

Putting in relation the score of a piece and its descriptions opens up rich perspectives on the relation between what performers do and what their performance does to an audience. We hope to gather a vast collection as an ongoing resource that nourishes the contributors as much as the users.

Contribute! Write scores! Describe what you see!