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10 statements on being an artist

1. keep your senses open; or experiment with variations of open and closed 2. be quiet a lot of the time. 3. be an explorer, a researcher, a perpetual kid and a serious old person. 4. allow yourself to be influenced. go see other people’s work. engage in the discourse around you. be both in your time and outside of it. 5. talk to people and listen to what they say; listen to everything and keep track of your impressions. ask questions. don’t be satisfied with the answers. 6. you have to keep doing what you do. do what you are interested in doing. make what you are interested in making. 7. abandon any sense of ego-gratification. make things because you have no other choice. and because the world needs the things you make. 8. you have to walk a delicate balance between being too precious and not giving a shit. 9. risk being misunderstood, even criticized. if you think it’s too crazy then it’s probably just right. push your own limits. be honest. ask yourself what isn't working. if it works for you then do it. easy and nicely packaged art is not what we need. we need something that feels like it shakes reality as we know it. 10. practice being a human being as much as you practice your art. take care of yourself and your relationships. they will sustain you. 11. be incredibly habitual and incredibly unpredictable at the same time.

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