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What it Does?

Sebastian Lingserius The performers execute different gaming scores, and the number of ideas/rules sequentially increases. For me "Project" speaks about deployments, and how groups can be composed and decomposed.

Amanda Apetrea The piece makes me wonder how anything put on stage can NOT be a game or play. And it stretches all the way into "real life", meaning the life offstage and I suddenly se the game going on in the whole world. The fun and the play on stage directs my fantasies more and more to life and the way we form groups and how we make up rules to exist next to each other both on a personal level but also in a greater perspective. I see it also as a play with the rules of the theatre and my expectations of a piece. What do I add to the game in my fantasy when the performers put on silly costumes, for example? And what is it that makes me think of them as silly? It's obviously the value I have put in them by seeing them in other contexts but also what we as society/audience together decides on. And that again brings me back to structures of the world we live in and create together. When do I decide what to think and do and when is the "rules” decided for me?

Emma Kim Hagdahl Games are producing improvised yet specific movement, meetings and choreography. The idea and set up context "makes sense", has a logic and produces complex situation and choreography for me to take part of, somehow participating. Project is giving me the opportunity to think differently about choreography and movement, it's not about what it looks like but what the people do, choices they make and the activity in itself. It is clearly making me understand the stupidity of some existing understandings choreography. Rules are set up to be broken. Heja Heja.